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Writing the Eulogy

Being the person chosen to deliver a eulogy for your departed loved one is a truly an honor and should be given great thought and effort. In this chosen role, you will always be remembered as not only a vital part of your loved one's life but also as having played an important role in his or her transition from this life. Do not underestimate the power of this role to assist you with your own grieving process as well, while also enabling you to help others with their grief and saying goodbye. There are no set rules to the composition or delivery of a eulogy. Eulogies can repeat information contained in an obituary, but this is not required by any means. Nor should you feel that a eulogy must represent the thoughts, feelings, or views of everyone in attendance at the service. The most powerful and impressionable eulogies are those that are delivered from a very personal perspective. This is truly an opportunity for you to share your experience with your loved one, so you should feel free to do that. Tell your story as much as you tell a story of the dearly departed. Also, this duty is not your's alone. Spend the days leading up to the funeral service with as many people that knew your loved one as possible. Listen and ask questions, if you like. You will hear many great pieces of information and stories that you may have not heard before that can be valuable pieces to your eulogy. The eulogy should always be honest and sincere. No one lived a perfect life, and you may be better served to avoid potentially negative, aggravating, or irritating subject matter out of respect for the departed.

Delivering the Eulogy

Delivering a Eulogy is often the most difficult of speeches. No one is going to criticize or pass judgement, and everyone will likely admire and respect your courage and obvious love for the person who has passed. Regardless of how smoothly, or not, the delivery of the eulogy is made, everyone will be proud.

Let us know that you intend to deliver a eulogy, and we will discuss the details with you and help you plan. If necessary, we will help you to make arrangements with the Priest or Pastor of your church, if you intend for that to be the location where the eulogy will be delivered. Use large type to ease the stress on your eyes during the speech. Taking water to the podium or pulpit is acceptable. If stress overtakes you during the speech, taking a drink of water can often calm your nerves and give you a moment to collect yourself. Making eye-contact when delivering a eulogy is absolutely not a requirement. If it is difficult for you, reading your words without eye-contact is acceptable.

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